Sunshine Makes Our Buds Divine

Ecologically Sustainable

LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT. Despite the warnings of climate change, indoor cannabis cultivation has been estimated to use 1% of the nation’s power. Puffin Farm uses at least 90% less electricity than indoor farms!

Puffin plants receive full-spectrum sunlight allowing for the biosynthesis of a complex array of phytoconstituents. They receive not only sunlight but starlight, moonlight, and the earth’s energy array through their roots. We use a small amount of electricity to sustain our nursery, and for nor some of our greenhouse crops are supplemented with artificial light for part of the year.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce, process and curate the most aromatic and clean cannabis and concentrates, as mother nature intended; sungrown, minimally processed, using organic and sustainable methods that aid in the fight against global warming. We utilize age old wisdom as well as cutting edge technology to bring you the finest, purest and most natural cannabis products attainable.

Our Story

The Founders at Puffin Farm are life long cannabis connoisseurs, medical cannabis patients, and care providers. When cannabis became legal in Washington state, they decided to bring the plant out of the basement, closet and warehouse into the light of the sun.

Puffin Farm is a family owned and operated business. Ben and Jade are the married couple behind the day to day operations of the farm. Cyrena is Jade’s sister and Cliff their uncle both run the iconic Seattle Glassblowing Studio in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood.

Sustainably sungrown cannabis by Puffin Farm.


It’s all about the Yakima River.

Puffin Farm’s high-quality weed is in part made possible by one of the first decisions the company made: its Yakima River location. Terroir is a really important concept that people are just starting to consider when it comes to cannabis. It’s what gives wines produced on different estates from the same genetic stock their unique characteristics.

Terroir is a combination of all of the environmental factors that contribute to a crop. It includes things such as elevation, air quality, the UV light that comes to your location, geography, local micro-climate, soil characteristics, mineral composition and cultivation practices. Terroir affects what flavors are expressed, the concentrations of cannabinoids and, to some extent, the ratios.

Puffin’s Ellensburg terroir is stellar and includes a dry, hot summer, good elevation, river frontage and a lot of wind, which definitely adds something to the phenotypic expression of our crop and helps create Puffin’s aromatic and tasty flower.

Dr. Jade Stefano

The Six ‘P’s of Puffin

Each step of our process is handled with care.


Puffin Farm possesses a unique genetic library of strains selected from seed for terpene profile and effect. In addition to high terpene THC strains, we also grow high CBD strains. We use organically certified fertilizers & amendments, & integrated pest management techniques with an active program to build our soil through the use of cover crops, compost and biochar. Our waste is made into compost & returned to the soil to further increase its fertility.


Sunshine makes our plants happy and healthy, while bathed in the open rays of solar power reducing our carbon footprint. In the age of global warming, excessive power use is something to avoid. Indoor cannabis cultivation has an enormous carbon footprint that is totally unnecessary since cannabis loves to grow in the sun. Natural sunlight also allows the plant to achieve its fullest potential spectrum of phytoconstituents to bring you the herb as nature intended it.


We use sustainable agricultural practices, without any synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, so our plants are as clean as possible, giving them the richest flavor and smell and ensuring that both consumers, our employees and our planet are not exposed to toxic chemicals. We work with Sun & Earth Certified to ensure our customers that our products meet strict 3rd-party organic equivalent standards.


We cultivate long term relationships with the best retailers and growers in WA state to bring our product to the people. Our customers experience of our product is of the utmost importance to us, we encourage your feedback and hope you enjoy our product.


The retailers we work with are as valuable as the products we create and the customers we collectively provide access to our products for. Please visit one of these outstanding retail stores for our products.


From seed to flower, to concentrate and then to your hands, we maintain the highest standards for our products. All of our concentrates are made in house using only the cleanest extraction methods such as ice, water and carbon dioxide extraction.

Jade Stefano,
Co-founder & CEO

Jade Stefano is co-founder and CEO of Puffin Farm. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Reed College in Portland, OR, where she studied Biology. After college, she spent time traveling and learning to farm. After settling down in Seattle, she learned accounting, business management and glassblowing at her uncle’s art glass studio in Seattle. In 2016 she earned a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University. She loves to work with herbs and foods. The cultivation of high-grade phytoconstituent rich cannabis and concentrates and the ability to bring these products to the greater community represents the ultimate manifestation of her calling to medicine.

Jeff Wilhoit,
Director of Extracts

Jeff is chief extractivist at Puffin where he oversees the creation of our super high grade flower extracts. He was an early adopter and influencer in the world of Bubble Hash and Rosin extracts. Jeff has been making CO2 oil for six years and is an expert at bringing out the full potential of the material.

Benjamin Short,
Co-founder &
Head Cultivator

Ben Short is the Head Cultivator of Puffin Farm. Ben earned a degree in sustainable agriculture from Evergreen University where he learned to farm worms for compost. He went on to found a gourmet mushroom farm in California. After a multiple-year hiatus from farming, cannabis was legalized and the call to farming returned.

Cyrena Stefano,

Cyrena is Co-founder and President at Puffin Farm.

Cliff Goodman,

Cliff is a co-founder at Puffin Farm. He’s been smoking weed since the ’70s. Cliff made his mark in the art world and is the owner and founder of the iconic Seattle Glassblowing Studio in Belltown. He loves the Grateful Dead, road trips and hiking on Mt. Rainier.

David Goodman, Social Media & Photography

David Goodman is a renowned New York City photographer known for his images of the NY Highline and NYC Fashion week.

Processing Team

Our Processing Team is comprised of a group amazing Cannabis professionals who truly love the plant and believe in the mission of the farm.

Cultivation Team

Cultivation is the the heart of our operation, and our team is composed of dedicated farmers. Our Cultivation Team works hard on hot summer days to bring the terpiest, most fragrant cannabis flowers to the people of Washington state.

“Puffin’s flower is so pretty, and their extracts are so terpy. It’s hard to choose a favorite product, so I enjoy them all.”

-Reagan H.

DISCLAIMER: Puffin Farm UBI#603350834 cannabis was grown in organic living soil. Pesticides used during vegatative state only are cold-pressed neem oil and potassium bicarbonate. Click for Cannasol Farms UBI#603324011 growing medium and pesticide disclosure. This product is 21+ only. Warning: May be habit forming. Unlawful outside of Washington State. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of marijuana.