Various colors and sizes!

Various sizes!

Various colors and sizes!


When Washington state gave the green light for legalized cannabis, one pioneering family with a passion for clean, responsibly grown weed saw a golden opportunity to bring their vision to fruition. They scoured the fertile grounds of the Yakima River Valley and founded Puffin Farm, one of the first licensed cannabis farms in the United States of America.

The epic tale of the rise of Puffin Farm is told by David Goodman in An American Cannabis Story. It’s a story of American ingenuity and the pioneering spirit behind the “Green Rush,” the billion-dollar new frontier in American farming.

Farm founders, Jade Stefano and Ben Short, are a match made in weed heaven, whose love story plays a central role in this exhilarating farm adventure that includes Jade’s sister Cyrena and their Uncle Cliff as co-founding business partners.

This is not your average cannabis farm, and Goodman makes that point by taking you deep into the operations of this Sun+Earth Certified grower. Unlike the backwoods pot field operations of yore, Goodman’s photographs of the sweeping, sun-drenched fields and gorgeous up-close plant studies provide a surprisingly wholesome view into modern American organic cannabis cultivation.

Every page is adorned with vibrant images of the majestic cannabis plants and expertly crafted products like pre-roll joints, vaping oil, bubble hash, rosin and infused “Trifecta” joints. Goodman’s photography is so captivating and immersive you’ll feel like you’re standing in the middle of it all, inhaling the aroma of the fragrant fields on a cool, crisp Cascade Mountain breeze.

Even if you’re not a die-hard cannabis enthusiast, this gorgeously illustrated book is a must-have. It’s sure to stimulate lively conversations and add a touch of panache to your coffee table or a guest room.

An America Cannabis Story grants you unprecedented access to an unseen world, and once you’ve turned the last page, you’ll be wishing for more.

DISCLAIMER: Puffin Farm UBI#603350834 cannabis was grown in organic living soil. Pesticides used during vegatative state only are cold-pressed neem oil and potassium bicarbonate. Click for Cannasol Farms UBI#603324011 growing medium and pesticide disclosure. This product is 21+ only. Warning: May be habit forming. Unlawful outside of Washington State. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of marijuana.