Northwest leaf Harvest Issue

Northwest Leaf: The Harvest Issue 2018

The Northwest Leaf team defined what The Harvest Issue means to them this year and decided to focus exclusively on full-season sungrown cannabis, what they call “a make or break style of growing in which farmers work year-round to harvest a single time. Success is largely dependent upon weather and timing. It usually takes years of practice and a little luck to pull off a flawless crop.”

We agree! Thank you, Northwest Leaf, for the commitment to sungrown and the wonderful recognition.

Puffin Farm Northwest LeafTHERE IS A MAGICAL FEELING to standing among 1,500 giant plants that were selected in April and set outside for a long summer of growth, maturing into delicious multi-colored colas dancing in the October wind, waiting to be harvested and enjoyed.

Eastern Washington provides a wonderful climate for growing full term Cannabis, with good soil, dry weather patterns and a whole lot of sunshine. The climate pulled the Puffin Farms team to land near Ellensburg four years ago, launching into the I-502 market with Clean Green Certified full term sun grown Cannabis. Using only natural amendments and benefits in the soil like kelp meal, worm casting compost and nematodes. Puffin Farms is as close to an organic Cannabis farm as it gets. For husband and wife team Jade Stefano and Ben Short, the farm is the culmination of providing for patients and growing since 1990s. As a naturopathic doctor, Stefano is especially cognizant of safe growing methods, and wants to educate the public about sustainable, sun grown Cannabis.

Puffin Farm sustainable cannabis

“The natural cleaning system that nature brings of air, wind and rain help keep the plant healthy and clean, and from a naturopathic medicine perspective produce a more vital medicine because it’s exposed to the natural elements, and it’s supercharged with vital natural energy,” Stefano said. “Everybody needs to be educated about sustainably sourced and grown Cannabis. There’s a big disconnect among Cannabis consumers. They go to Whole Foods and want organic produce and meats, but when it comes to Cannabis they don’t ask for the same.”

Puffin Farms is breaking that pattern, mainly by growing incredibly tasty and terpy Cannabis that packs a significant high and flavors that aren’t seen in indoor flowers. The material is processed into CO2 by Jeff “Church” Wilhoit into Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) for patient needs, and into flower jars and pre-rolls that prove outdoor is delicious and sustainable.

Choosing Puffin Farms to smoke means a choice for sustainability and quality, one that is easy to make.

You’re watching it grow all summer and changing colors — it’s almost a bittersweet time of the year to see it coming down. But it’s the business. It’s beautiful and it’s painful.

Lead Processor Teri Fecht

Read the full story by Nate Williams on Northwest Leaf.

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DISCLAIMER: Puffin Farm UBI#603350834 cannabis was grown in organic living soil. Pesticides used during vegatative state only are cold-pressed neem oil and potassium bicarbonate. Click for Cannasol Farms UBI#603324011 growing medium and pesticide disclosure. This product is 21+ only. Warning: May be habit forming. Unlawful outside of Washington State. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of marijuana.