Puffin Cartridges in Northwest Leaf July 2018

Northwest Leaf:
The Concentrates Issue 2018

The Northwest Leaf’s 8th Annual Guide to All Things Dabbing helps you navigate a sea of products to learn which concentrates work the best for you. Sweet floral notes of lavender and honey flow out of Puffin Farm’s Lavender Extra Virgin Flower Oil Cartridge (55.75% THC | 17.68% Total Terpenes), with a vapor that kisses the lungs and leaves a friendly and mood elevating hybrid high.

Read the full 2018 Northwest Leaf Concentrates Issue.

Puffin Farm Northwest Leaf

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DISCLAIMER: Puffin Farm UBI#603350834 cannabis was grown in organic living soil. Pesticides used during vegatative state only are cold-pressed neem oil and potassium bicarbonate. Click for Cannasol Farms UBI#603324011 growing medium and pesticide disclosure. This product is 21+ only. Warning: May be habit forming. Unlawful outside of Washington State. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of marijuana.