Jade Stefano in Northwest Leaf

Northwest Leaf’s
first-ever Sustainability Issue

“Jade is a naturopathic doctor who specializes in medical Cannabis education and co-owns Puffin Farm, a recreational Cannabis garden near Ellensburg. Puffin Farm grows as sustainably as possible, using all organic and natural nutrients and pest control and only the pure Eastern Washington sun to grow happy plants. She is also a board member of the Washington Sun Growers Industry Association (WSIA), a group dedicated to spreading awareness about the carbon footprint of indoor Cannabis and education around the benefits of outdoor growing.”

Puffin Farm Northwest Leaf March 2018How do you define sustainably grown Cannabis?

Grown under the sun, using organic methods. No one is perfect, and you try to be as sustainable as you can, but you have to make choices. In my view, the biggest issue we face as a species is the longterm sustainability of life on our planet. Global warming is the biggest threat to this. It boils down to carbon consumption and CO2 emissions and Cannabis is becoming a significant contributor.

“There’s major ice melting, polar bears are dying and can’t find enough sea ice to hunt from, it’s ugly. Will growing sustainable sun grown Cannabis stop climate change? No. But you can’t give up. If there’s a problem we don’t want to increase it.”

Puffin Farm CEO Jade Stefano

Read the full Sustainability issue and the Puffin Q&A by Wes Abney on Northwest Leaf.

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DISCLAIMER: Puffin Farm UBI#603350834 cannabis was grown in organic living soil. Pesticides used during vegatative state only are cold-pressed neem oil and potassium bicarbonate. Click for Cannasol Farms UBI#603324011 growing medium and pesticide disclosure. This product is 21+ only. Warning: May be habit forming. Unlawful outside of Washington State. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of marijuana.