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Vape Dangers: What We Know

As you have all probably heard, there has been a sudden appearance of vaping related illnesses and several deaths. Some of these appear to be related to vapor devices that contain THC. Public Health officials are investigating and believe the issue is being caused by additives used to dilute or alter the oil.

We would like our customers to know that we have never used ANY additives including cutting agents, glycols (PG), MCT, flavors, non-cannabis terpenes or Vitamin E acetate in our vapor cartridges. All of our vapes are made from 100% cannabis. We are third-party certified by Clean Green Certified™ to organic equivalent standards for both our production and processing.

Additionally, we source our cartridges from AVD who tests all their components for heavy metals. We have always believed that cannabis should be unadulterated by additives and contaminants of any kind. We know this news is very scary, and it emphasizes the importance of sourcing clean, tested and 100% additive free cannabis products.

Health officials say these illnesses are a new phenomenon, pointing to the likelihood of a new additive that was not previously used. Officials now believe based on lab testing that vitamin E acetate is a likely culprit as they have found it in many samples associated with illness, although they have not ruled out other possible additives or contaminants at this point.

We have learned that vitamin E acetate was recently introduced to the marketplace as “Clearcut” and “Honeycut” and are used to dilute oil, while acting as a preservative, improving clarity and maintaining a desirable thickness that makes the cutting agent undetectable by the consumer (prior cutting agents made the oil watery and gave away the fact the the oil was not pure).

Leafly just published this article discussing the cutting agents that contain Vitamin E acetate. These agents appear to have been introduced in the last 6 months to the illegal market and possibly in some regulated products as well, which correlates with the recent outbreak of cases. We believe this is an unethical practice. Rest assured we would never consider using anything like this or any other additives in our products.

Puffin Farm Best Practices

100% additive free and Clean Green Certified™

Puffin Farm takes consumer safety and sustainable organic practices very seriously. Our farm and processing are Clean Green Certified™, which means that we do not use synthetic chemicals or additives of any kind in the creation of our products from soil to oil. Our clean practices encompass soil stewardship, non-toxic processing, extraction and recipe formulation. Additionally all of our products are tested for pesticides.

Our EVFO™ vapor carts are made from hash oil extracted using only carbon dioxide. After extraction residual water is removed and it is put straight into carts without adding any non-cannabis derived additives, flavors, thickening, thinning, cutting or viscosity agents.

Our Vital Roots™ Distillate carts are made from our own pesticide-tested distillate made from Clean Green Certified™ plant material. It is then blended with our EVFO™ using no non-cannabis derived additives, flavors, thickening, thinning, cutting or viscosity agents.

Thank you for supporting Puffin Farm.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

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