Why doesn’t sungrown cannabis look the same as indoor?

Sungrown Cannabis is exposed to the natural elements so it can look a bit more rugged. This does not affect flavor, quality or Cannabinoid content however. Well grown outdoor Cannabis can be hard to distinguish by looks and often tastes superior to indoor flowers.

Does outdoor Cannabis taste the same and have the same effect?

The exposure to nature’s elements can cause an increase in terpenes which are a defensive molecule in plants. They are produced by the plant to fight of insects and in response to stress. Outdoor plants are exposed to more stress from wind, rain, and other factors and so often produce more terpenes and a more complex Cannabinoid profile. Many of our stains contain significant amounts of CBG and secondary Cannabinoids which we believe is due to full spectrum light and natural stressors.

Does your pot loose quality since you store it for so many months after you harvest?

No. Cannabis that is stored properly in a cool dark environment as we do continues to cure and its flavor often improves even after a year. Many grows cycle very quickly and there product is not optimally cured and does not taste as good.